Homemade Hemp Milk

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With this recipe, you can make a plant-based hemp milk. If you know that you cannot drink cow’s milk or goat’s milk, then it can be handy to have an alternative. Hemp seed is used for this recipe as it is very nutritious and full of good omega fatty acids and protein. Instead of hemp, you may also use almonds or other seeds and nuts. But unlike with hemp seed, you will have to soak these first to make them digestible.

Portions: 4 

Preparation time: 5 minutes 

When to enjoy? Breakfast, lunch, snack  



Pour the water into the blender and mix with the hemp seed. Then add the pinch of Himalayan salt not only for the taste but also for the health benefits contained in the minerals. Instead of the Himalayan salt you may also use sea salt or rock salt but never use refined salt. Then add the stevia to sweeten the milk. You may also use raw honey or coconut blossom sugar. Switch your blender on. Blend the mixture for at least one-and-a-half minutes until the hemp seed is not longer visible and completely mixed into the milk. If you are making milk with nuts, then it is recommended that you strain the milk but this is not necessary with hemp seed. The milk can be enjoyed right away but you may also keep it for muesli, use it in a shake or in soup. If kept in a fridge, it will last for about one day. The milk will keep well but the liquids may separate, which can be fixed by shaking the milk so that it becomes smooth again before use. Enjoy!

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