What exactly are greens?

Greens are literally translated as green leaves, but can also refer to plants in the broader sense. These leaves are dried and ground to a powder. The strength of greens powder and green juices lies in the leafy greens that are full of nutrients, fibre and chlorophyll. Well-known greens are, for example, green leafy vegetables, grasses and seed sprouts.

The benefits of super greens

Greens fall under the superfoods because they are so full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibres, antioxidants and fatty acids. This makes greens an incredibly powerful nutritional supplement in powder form. In addition, green vegetables help de-acidify the body due to their slightly alkaline properties.

Why do we need support from the greens?

Our current society makes ever-increasing demands on us while our food has, for a long time, no longer contained the past nutritional value. This is why many people seek a powerful addition to their daily diet. Greens powder, with its high dosing and powder form, is a convenient way to supplement.  

Offer: from greens powder to green juice 

Looking for the very highest and purest quality green powerhouses as juice or powder? We have the greens for you! Wonderful as a drink, in a smoothie, or added to a meal. Try the delicious and popular Superfoodie own-brand Green Juice, pretty much the highest quality green juice currently found in the Netherlands. Our range also includes some grasses and mixes.  

Want to buy Greens? Yes, of course!

No matter which greens you're looking for, here you'll find only 100% organic greens of the highest quality. We harvest these directly from Nature, heat them no higher than 42 degrees Celsius, and add absolutely no rubbish. This way, we guarantee the highest pure quality at the most competitive price. And high-speed delivery too: orders received before 15.00 hours Monday to Friday are delivered the next day. 

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