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The standard variants of our healthy hot drinks often contain unnecessary, chemically derived or processed additives that contribute nothing to our health. Or even work against our good health! Obviously, this doesn't fit the superfoodie lifestyle. That's why we supply delicious hot drinks with only natural ingredients. Because why would you add something synthetic when nature has already created it? Make a wonderful authentic hot chocolate drink of raw vegan cocoa with no added sugars. Or, for instance, create your own hot drink recipes with matcha. The basis for a lovely cup of green tea with diverse vitamins and minerals

The widest range of healthy hot drinks.

We've mentioned a few, but there are many more. We think it important that there's a natural and responsible alternative for every unnatural hot drink. That's why, next to raw chocolate and organic golden milk, we also supply matcha and even organic coffee enriched with mushrooms.  Perhaps this is the first time you've read about this; coffee with mushrooms. Mushroom coffee is the latest way to enjoy coffee, along with all the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. These coffees contain 95% Arabica coffee and 5% mushroom extract of chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, and more. Based on the ancient traditions of ‘Ancient Elders’.

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Superfoodies has healthy hot drinks that you really can drink with a good feeling. Every sort with its own health benefits Sustainability and fairness stand at the heart of our concerns. We strive for a healthier world population and a healthier planet. Quickly place your healthy hot drinks in your shopping basket, because ordering before 15.00 hours on Monday to Friday means next-day delivery.

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