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Superfoods provide total nourishment for mind, body and soul, from only the finest places on earth. It is food in all its purity and that is grown entirely naturally. This is food the way nature intended: packed with nutrients to give our cells what they require at the most fundamental level, for energy, balance, beauty and a trim body.


Rekindle your original vitality

These days good health is no longer something that we can take for granted. In fact, it’s a real challenge to retain a balance under the constant barrage from the innumerable stimulants in our surroundings. Your body’s cells survive far longer when they have access to clean oxygen, pure food and are able to discharge their waste products. For this, a full collaboration between body and spirit is necessary. The end-to-end process of feeding, processing and discharging, for all round mental, emotional and physical nourishment, can undergo many interruptions. You experience this in the form of tiredness and lethargy, obesity and / or other symptoms of ill health. Sound familiar?

At, we consider helping you to (re)capture your original vitality, our life long mission.

We achieve this by providing you with food that comes direct from nature and from only the finest places on earth. And by harnessing your mental powers too, via a selection of books, DVDs, seminars and workshops.


Pure living with superfoods

It’s time to go back to basics. Everything that you need as a human being in order to lead a vigorous and fulfilling life, is present on earth and in particular, in superfoods. These 100% natural products boast an extremely high concentration of valuable substances that truly nourish your body. As these plants often grow in extreme locations; high in the Himalayas, deep in the jungle or in remote deserts for example, they contain a particularly high concentration of natural antibodies. These antibodies form the plant’s immune system.

This is why these berries, beans, fruits and seeds have been harnessed since time began for use as medicine and super fuel for the body. And by consuming superfoods, you’ll support your own immune system to help keep your body clean, healthy and toxin free. consistently strives to retain the purity of our superfoods.

The purchase, transport, storage and packaging of "Nature’s Jewels" is under constant scrutiny and control and we maintain the utmost respect and consideration for the natural environment from where our superfoods originate.


Healthy can mean delicious too

Feeling good is about loving yourself, first and foremost. And your body intrinsically knows what’s nourishing and healthy. At first, your body must get used to natural flavours. The food that you normally find in the supermarket is full of fragrance, colours, flavours and preservatives which will have heavily influenced your taste buds. re-awakens your original perceptions of taste and flavour 

With thoughtfully written menus, informative manuals, engaging workshops and instructive videos, we’ll take you on a genuine 'flavour safari’. As you learn to enjoy pure food once more, so your desire for unhealthy 'empty' foods will naturally fade. You’ll quickly find fulfilment in all areas of your life, without having to search for it. And you’ll feel nourished. This brings peace.


So many people, so many superfood requirements!

You’ve already come a long way on your journey. The very fact that you have even read this information, means that you’re probably already armed with everything it takes to scrutinise your own health and wellbeing. This awareness is usually linked to two reasons; you either feel thrown off balance or you want to get more out of yourself.

Superfoods help you to recover the balance in both mind and body. Above all they provide the energy required for optimum performance. stocks a specific superfood for every conceivable target group.

From those recovering from (severe) physical illness or (mental) burnout, to those searching for inner beauty and anti-aging and from athletes and executives striving for peak performance, to those simply looking for a more health conscious lifestyle.

Start your new Superfoodies way of life here!

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