What is mushroom coffee?

Mushroom coffee is ordinary coffee enriched with extracts of powerful medicinal mushrooms. Despite this enrichment, your coffee doesn't suddenly taste like mushrooms. The percentage of mushroom extract is small, but in the right proportion to benefit from the many advantages. Therefore, mushroom coffee is particularly suitable for everyone who wants to make more conscious choices. Mushroom coffee is also excellent for making a cooling iced coffee. ‘Ancient Elders’, as well as healers in traditional Chinese medicine, have been using medical mushroom extracts for centuries to reinforce human health. Today, the major data bank of medical studies (PubMed) is full of research results on mushrooms extracts, and in our world, they have also become indispensable. 

Superfoodie's coffees 

Superfoodies has its own mushroom coffee line. Our mushroom coffee consists of 95% organic Arabica coffee from the central Colombian Andes with 5% mushroom extracts. This coffee is very rich in flavour with tones of red fruit, spices, and citrus. Packaged in biodegradable bags and sealed in airtight, non-plastic bags.For us, harmony with the Earth is paramount. We collaborate with a community of coffee farmers who grow Castillo and Caturra beans. These are amongst the highest quality in the world. Try Mushroom coffee RELAX with 200 mg reishi and 200 mg lion’s mane. Or Mushroom coffee ACHIEVE with 250 mg cordyceps and 250 mg chaga. 

Buy mushroom coffee!

Love coffee? Then make an aware choice from now on and start your day with mushroom coffee. Not only because the flavour is so darn good, but also for all the good it brings to your body and health.  Once you've drunk really good coffee, you'll never want anything else. Quickly place your favourite mushroom coffee or caffeine-free coffee in your shopping basket, because ordering before 15.00 hours on Monday to Friday means next-day delivery.

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