How can you improve your immune system yourself.

Your immune system, or defence system, protects you against outside intruders like viruses, parasites, bacteria and infections. It's not true that your immune system can prevent infection. But it does enable your body to combat and neutralise invaders so that they don't make you sick. Unfortunately, we are exposed daily to undesirable influences that affect our immune system. For example, stress, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and even UV radiation from the sun. A little more love for your defence certainly won't do any harm. The immune system is an incredibly complex system that extends throughout your entire body. From lymphatic system to intestines and airways. Improving your immune system is thus something you actually do all day by making the right choices. What simple steps can you take today to improve your immune system? 

  • Eat a healthy and varied diet with sufficient vegetables, fruit and herbs, and as few rapidly-absorbed sugars and ultra-processed foods as possible. 
  • Stay hydrated with at least 1.5 litres water per day
  • Sleep at least 7 hours per night and maintain a fixed day-night rhythm
  • Protect your skin against harmful external influences, preferably with natural products.
  • Avoid stress or undertake stress-reducing activities for body and mind, like meditation or an evening stroll
  • Keep your hygiene up to scratch and ensure a clean living environment
  • Exercise regularly and seek out fresh outdoor air (outside the city)
  • Try to give up bad habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

What can Immunity Support do for your immune system?

A good immune function is safeguarded by multiple specific micro nutrients. These include vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary phytochemicals from plants. After two years of research and tests, Superfoodies has succeeded in bringing together the most essential micro substances. Each ingredient has been carefully selected and fulfils a specific task based on the most recent scientific studies. And with each ingredient, like carrot, orange, acerola, medicinal mushrooms, ashwagandha, kelp, turmeric, ginger and many more, we can truely say that Immunity Support is a gift of nature. And not only that, Immunity Support is also gluten, dairy and GMO free, and 100% vegetal.

Order Immunity Support?

At Superfoodies, we believe in the power of nature. And if we want to support our immune system, then we find the answer when we turn to Mother earth. That's why Immunity Support contains exclusively natural ingredients. The greatest gift from our wonderful planet. Order Sunday to Friday before 9pm and receive it the next day. Which of the steps above are you going to take to improve your defence system?

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